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Russia Says Dutch Ignore Radar Data on Downed Malaysian Plane

Maria Zakharova

Maria Zakharova

Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman

"Russia cannot recognize as satisfactory the intermediate results of the criminal investigation into the July 17, 2014 crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Ukrainian airspace that were released on September 28… it ignores the primary radar data that Russia conveyed recently."

False radar data received

The Dutch-led investigative team of five countries looking into the July 2014 downing of a Malaysian passenger jet in Ukrainian airspace submitted an intermediate report on September 28. The report states that a Russian-made Buk missile launched from a village held by rebels fighting Ukrainian government forces hit the plane. It says a surface-to-air missile system that downed the airliner was driven in from Russia to rebel-held territory in Ukraine and pulled out of the area that same evening.

After the investigation findings were made public the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said they cannot accept the findings as satisfactory as they are contrary to the radar data that Russia “conveyed recently.” But it does not say to whom. It seems to imply that the radar data was sent to the investigation team headed by the Dutch Public Prosecutor.

When contacted by on October 7, 2016, the spokesman for the investigation, Wim de Bruin, said “We have not received this information so far.” The investigative team was not given radar data from the Russians and did not have information from the Russians on Sept. 28, 2016 when investigators issued their findings.