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  • Iosif Prigozhin

    Iosif Prigozhin

    husband and producer of Russian pop star Valeria

    “It was a lie when they said that we signed a letter about the annexation of Crimea! There never was such a letter. There has never been anything with Valeria’s or Iosif Prigozhin’s signatures concerning the annexation of Crimea…. We were asked about the referendum in Crimea."

    Valeria and Iosif Prigozhin were among more than 500 of the country’s top cultural figures to sign a controversial open letter published March 11, 2014 by Russia’s Culture Ministry expressing “firm” support for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “position on Ukraine and Crimea.” Prigozhin denies it meant the two supported Russia's annexation of Crimea. Prigozhin is right that there is no mention of “annexation” in the letter, but the two have been vocal in their support of bringing Crimea into Moscow’s domain.
  • Tatyana Moskalkova

    Tatyana Moskalkova

    Russia’s presidential human rights ombudswoman

    “I never spoke out in the media in favor of restoring criminal liability for male homosexuality.”

    The Kremlin’s controversial new human rights ombudswoman has denied publicly calling for the return of a Soviet-era law criminalizing homosexual acts between men. Tatyana Moskalkova may not have pushed for resurrecting the law, but she has said Russia probably abolished it too soon in 1993.