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Coronavirus: The Infodemic - June 26

FILE PHOTO: Shoppers browse racks of clothes at a newly re-opened retail store along Broadway in lower Manhattan on the first day of the phase two re-opening of businesses following the outbreak of COVID-19 in New York City, New York, U.S., June 22, 2020.

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Daily Debunk

Is a second wave of coronavirus coming?
The United States is arguably still in the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, so it may be too early to talk about a coming second wave.
-- PolitiFact, June 22

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Claim: Drinking "asthma plant" tea helps Covid-19 breathing complications.

Verdict: No Evidence

Read the full story at: Africa Check

Factual Reads on Coronavirus

How the Virus Won
Invisible outbreaks sprang up everywhere. The United States ignored the warning signs. We analyzed travel patterns, hidden infections and genetic data to show how the epidemic spun out of control.
-- New York Times, June 25

Mounting clues suggest the coronavirus might trigger diabetes
Evidence from tissue studies and some people with COVID-19 shows that the virus damages insulin-producing cells.
-- Nature, June 24

Swiss giant Novartis halts COVID-19 hydroxychloroquine study
Swiss pharmaceuticals giant Novartis has decided to halt a clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, citing problems in recruiting enough patients for the study of the controversial drug.
-- Medical Express, June 20

How likely are kids to get Covid-19? Scientists see a ‘huge puzzle’ without easy answers
There is some evidence that kids are less likely to catch the virus and less likely to spread it, but it’s not clear exactly how strong that evidence is.
-- Stat, June 18​

How ‘vaccine nationalism’ could block vulnerable populations’ access to COVID-19 vaccines
The most immediate effect of vaccine nationalism is that it further disadvantages countries with fewer resources and bargaining power.
-- The Conversation, June 17

People are getting sick from coronavirus spreading through the air – and that’s a big challenge for reopening
As we try and figure out how to hold services while protecting our members, one question is of particular concern: How common is airborne spread of the virus?
-- The Conversation, June 16

Watch: Antibodies, immunity, and what they mean for Covid-19, explained
The immune system is no wimp. When pathogens cause illness, it kicks into high gear. Cells work together to tag, kill and gobble up invaders as they fight the infection.
-- Stat, May 5

The race for coronavirus vaccines: a graphical guide
Eight ways in which scientists hope to provide immunity to SARS-CoV-2.
-- Nature, April 28

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